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Thank you for visiting our shop. Here you can find all sorts of cool products, of which all proceeds go towards initiatives that promote an inclusive and solidary world.

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Give this World a Group Hug with our BIG HUG vintage, upcycled sweaters. Sustainably handprinted with BIG on one arm and HUG on the other, and a little SoulBites logo on the heart. 100% for charity.

#Local #Original #Vintage #Eco

#Local #Original #Vintage #Eco

Het Idealenboek

We proudly present you: Het Idealenboek!I

In Dutch:

‘Een pleidooi voor de missie voorop durven stellen, in plaats van meteen de vraag hoe we er geld mee kunnen verdienen. Een oproep om elkaar zoveel mogelijk te helpen in plaats van beconcurreren. Een uitnodiging om te bedenken wat jij de wereld te bieden hebt, vanuit jouw invloed in je werk. […] Voor iedereen die wel wil, maar soms even niet zo goed weet hoe.
I hear you!’

We, not me. A simple but strong message, about showing solidarity towards our fellow humans. About thinking of the world as ours, instead of mine.

Our shop started in 2020 with our #WEnotME shirts, to support people in refugee camps during Covid. Since then our shop has expanded with a whole range of products, of which 100% of the profits go towards social initiatives that contribute to a more inclusive society.

T-Shirts €39,95

These t-shirts are produced by STANLEY/STELLA and are made of 100% organic cotton. All t-shirts are sustainably produced.

Doppers €24,95

Support the ocean as well! With this reusable bottle you are putting single-use water bottles out of business. Produced sustainably.

Impact Gift €45,00

We have partnered with the people from Toekies to bring you a gift that keeps on giving! Warm socks + a WEnotME t-shirt.

Poster €15,00

Order this poster to help raise awareness for the situation of people in Moria.

Don’t want to buy anything, but still want to support our cause?

Donate to The Present Movement via the donation tool on our website, or donate directly to The Present Movement, NL76TRIO0379209306. Thank you!

Don’t want to buy anything, but still want to be part of #WEnotME?
Donate to The Present Movement, NL76TRIO0379209306.

Please add ‘#WEnotME donation’ in the subscription.